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Opportunity Highlights

The power of our high-selling products, combined with our fully automated, rejection-free marketing system, is the ideal platform for you to build a long-term, residual income… especially if you’re not an expert online marketer or tech-savvy geek!

Global Appeal

Mass-market product with global appeal. A life-changing range of Lotto Games within the Multi-Billion Dollar a month Lotto industry that doesn’t require selling.

Powerful Social Tools

Powerful client expansion strategy. We incentivize your clients to refer their social circles with our Play For Free Promotions. They refer more clients and you get paid without doing any more work.

80% + Paid out in Cash Benefits

Our ultra-rewarding Affiliate Commission Plan pays out more than 80% of revenues in prizes and commissions, covering the needs of every level of affiliate.

€100 Million

Our unique Lotto concept makes it possible for people to participate in guaranteed monthly Jackpots of €100 Million from the comfort and security of their computers … FOR FREE!

Passive Earnings

Our unique Social Lotto concept helps people to play together and win more prizes easily and more regularly! That keeps them playing, which means you keep earning commissions passively.

Done for You

Done-for-you, turnkey marketing platform does the heavy lifting of referring clients and affiliates into your business by leveraging the power of Social Media and online marketing for you.

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